Today was the day we intended to register our first H-1B Cap registrations.  Unfortunately, the USCIS registration online process is not yet ready for prime time.

Throughout the day, attorneys reported numerous technical glitches with the system.  These included:

  • Inability to enter system
  • Incorrect categorization of attorney – forms say attorney “not eligible to practice law”
  • Inability to generate required passcode
  • Inability of employers to enter passcode – error messages saying invalid passcode
  • Inability to pay $10 fee
  • Inability to see any data input earlier in the day

Attorneys are working though the American Immigration Lawyers Association Liaison to alert USCIS to issues as they arise.

Needless to say, E&M Mayock is waiting to register client data until the bugs are worked out of the system.  Luckily, registration closes March 20, 2020.  There is still time to iron out these wrinkles and register H-1B cap candidates.

Contact E&M Mayock for assistance with H-1B Cap Registration today.