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H-1B Registration – A Look Back at an Administrative Nightmare

On April 1, 2020, USCIS announced the opening of the 90 day window for filing H-1B cap petitions. Registrants selected in the Pre-Registration lottery may now file full petitions. This announcement was met with discouragement by many immigration attorneys whose registrations were erroneously denied as “duplicate” registrations.

E&M Mayock COVID-19 Visa / US Immigration / International Travel Resources

This blog post is intended to provide a source of COVID-19 information provided by agencies and organizations.  International travel issues and impediments are arising rapidly.  These resources are updated internally by the hosts and reflect the most recent and reliable information available to the public.

Adjusting Time and Pay in Economic Downturns – H-1B Implications FAQ

In time of economic downturn, employers with H-1B workers in their workforce are placed in a difficult position.  To weather the economic storm, employers may need to cut hours or temporarily furlough workers.  Many workers would prefer to accept lower wages to retain employment benefits, such as health insurance.  Unfortunately, costly H-1B Department of Labor (DOL) wage regulations require that the employer continue H-1B workers’ work schedules and payment of wages as set forth in the original H-1B petition.

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