E&M Mayock and Associates specializes in facilitating business visa issuance abroad. The firm commands significant experience in this unique area of immigration legal practice, having resolvied problem cases at US consular posts throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Visas are only issued at consular offices abroad (US embassies and consulates) and you must be physically present to obtain your visa. Consulates vary on the required information they need to see before issuing a visa. Many consular offices insist that you submit your forms and documents in advance and make an appointment for a personal interview. E&M Mayock and Associates  assists in ensuring that the visa issuance process proceeds in a successful and timely fashion. E&M attorneys are available to attend visa interviews with clients.


Visas are often confused with status. While visas are imperative in that they are your “key” to enter the US successfully, approved status deals with a group of privileges you receive after being allowed to enter the US with your current visa. When people talk about obtaining a visa, they are actually seeking status.

The visa can be thought of as an entry document into the US to then be able to study, work, intern, perform, etc. under an approved status.

Without a valid visa, a visa holder cannot successfully travel in and out of the US during the length of the visa holder’s status.

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