2020 H-1B Cap Pre-Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why do I have to participate in H-1B Cap Pre-Registration?
  • USCIS has created a new process for all new 2020 H-1B cap cases. All employers (Registrants) must Pre-Register their candidates March 1 – March 20, 2020.  Only those pre-registered and selected in a random lottery will be able to move forward with filing an H-1B Cap case on April 1, 2020.
  1. How do I start a H-1B Cap Pre-Registration case with E&M Mayock?
  1. Do I need to set up an account with USCIS for H-1B Cap Pre-Registration?
  • You will need to set up a myUSCIS account. E&M Mayock will provide instructions for setting up the account.
  1. Can E&M Mayock set up my myUSCIS account for me?
    • No, the employer must set up the account for the authorized signatory using the authorized signatory’s e-mail or an e-mail address specifically created for registration (H-1B registration@company.com).
  1. When can I sign up for a myUSCIS account?
    • February 24, 2020
  1. When can E&M Mayock prepare my registrations?
    • Data entry and submission may occur March 1 – March 20, 2020.
  1. How do I sign the registration “application?”
    • All registrations will be available for review after attorney completion. E&M Mayock will e-mail a passcode to you.  The passcode must be entered in your myUSCIS account to view and accept registrations.
  1. After I “accept” a registration what will happen?
    • E&M Mayock will pay the filing fee and submit the application.
  1. What should I do if I see an error in the draft registration?
    • Decline the registration and notify E&M Mayock. E&M Mayock will be able to update the registration.  You will receive a new passcode to review the updated registration.
  1. Will I receive e-mails from USCIS related to registrations?
    • You will receive an e-mail when you set up your account directing you to create a password. You should not receive any additional e-mails from USCIS.  E&M Mayock will e-mail information and instructions as needed.